Children make the best progress when they are given regular opportunities to share a book with someone at home. This could involve either the child reading to a parent or the parent reading to the child. 

The school follow government guidelines on homework:
Reception- Year 1:           10 minutes per day, reading, spelling, some number work
Year 2                               15 minutes per day reading, spelling, number work
Year 3 and 4:                    20 minutes per day, reading, spelling, some Numeracy Work
Year 5 and 6:                    30 minutes per day. 
Year 3 – 6 children may be asked to carry out some research at home or in the library on the local environment, local community, or on a topic related to their studies in other subject areas.
Please note that the school homework club will not be operating from November 2015. It will be returning, but with a slightly different format. Please keep an eye on this page for updates.
The homework policy is reviewed every September.
Year 6 SATs Revision