Student Support

Student Support Officers
Mrs P Lowe & Mrs G Cowlan
We would like to introduce you to the role of the Student Support Officers.
Here at Millbrook Primary School we work closely with staff, pupils, agencies and communities to address and overcome a wide range of issues. We offer a support service to our pupils in a safe and confidential environment, we address each child's needs and help identify barriers to learning. We work with the children in groups or individually, we act as a role model and we:
Together we develop strategies to overcome these barriers and encourage each pupil to achieve their full potential
Our Aims are:
For our Pupils to;
◾Improved self image, confidence and motivation
◾Raised expectations of their potential, matched by greater achievements and attainment
◾Better social skills, forming relationships with staff, peers and family
◾Improved attitude and behaviour both inside and out of school
◾Improved attendance and punctuality, reducing exclusions
◾Greater adaptability when faced with new or challenging situations
◾Better at self-organisation and taking ownership of their problems

For our families to;
◾Have a more positive attitude towards school
◾Improved support and communication between school and home
◾Be able to deal more positively with situations and conflict