In accordance with our school values we pledge:

  • to respect the equal human rights of all our pupils;
  • to educate them about equality; and
  • to respect the equal rights of our staff and other members of the school community.

We believe that it is important to provide a range of learning opportunities, promote equal opportunities and enable all children to access the curriculum and associated services.

We expect the highest possible standards and recognise and value all forms of achievement. We ensure that we provide an inclusive environment which reflects the many different backgrounds and cultures of the children at our school.

Access to the building

The main hall, meeting rooms, reception, playgrounds, head and deputy head teachers offices are all on one level and are accessible via the main reception.

Classrooms can be accessed via steps through the school or from the playground which is on the same level.

Nursery children access the building via the back entrance and this is also on one level.

Please see our Equality Scheme Policy for further details.