Progress and Monitoring



Progress within a lesson or a unit of work is monitored daily through the first quality teach and the use of Assessment For Learning (AFL)

Teachers track progress through the use of the Sheffield STAT documents which we have adapted to reflect our curriculum offer and practice in school, following the goverment's decision to remove levels, which are linked to the New National Curriculum end of year expectations. The progress the children are making towards these are discussed with the children at the beginning of the lesson and they are encouraged to evaluate their own progress towards them within and at the end of a lesson and upon completing a unit of work or topic.

All children have targets to work towards and we feel that it is important for children to have an active role in identifying their own targets.

Data is gathered every half term and staff discuss children's progress in half termly pupil progress meetings with the Head and Deputy/SENCo. Any children who are not making expected progress are discussed in further detail and an action plan is put in place for these children.

Recently we have begun to use a dyslexia screener in school. Children who are tested will be sent home with a report outlining the test taken and the results. They will also bring home a useful leaflet explaining a few things about dyslexia, what we already do in school and how you can help your child at home.

Further information can be found on the Dyslexia information page here, in the Parents & Carers section.